Selling with Authority

It's all about
marketing your home
so effectively that
every possible buyer
in the field of
all possible buyers
comes to your door! 


Pricing the property correctly so that it will attract vigorous offers is the single most important, and likely the most difficult, aspect of effective marketing; mispricing can mean lost opportunity, and lost sales dollars. We strongly believe that you should allocate particular time to understanding this process and to considering how the various options for setting a listing price impact the selling process.


Highlighting a property’s features to their fullest and attracting the buyer’s attention to any one specific property is more art than science. Great care in wordsmithing and ad copy should be a priority. Good interior photography is a complex Art, and it has to be scaled so that buyers are delighted, not disappointed, when they tour. We excel at marketing the property, both descriptively and visually, and employ one of Ottawa's top professional photographers.


The "art of staging" is a popular topic in real estate. There are several reasons for this: many buyers want a property that is turn-key i.e. one that requires little or no updating; many buyers have difficulty seeing how they or their furniture will work in a property without the seller demonstrating how this is possible. We typically do the “staging” hands-on, with you, rather than have you incur the added costs of hiring a separate consultant to advise on this task.


While the real estate market might appear stable and orderly on the surface, it is the subject of sudden and often imperceptible change. Keeping our finger on the pulse of the market is what we do daily. Market timing is important to us. We closely counsel clients on how to best position a property at the right time for the best sale, while taking account of constraints in the client’s agenda.


Getting top dollar for our clients is our priority objective. Through countless transactions, we have developed approaches that we believe work. These have to have the flexibility to respond to rapidly changing markets and the conditions pertaining to individual sales.


Throughout the entire listing and sale process, your contact will exclusively be with us. Continuing and timely professional advice makes, we believe, a difference in the quality of the sale and your experience of the sales process. We also make all viewing appointments directly with you. And we do this because it is the perfect vehicle for continuous feedback between us and our clients.


Our clients never become past clients. Rather, we encourage our clients to consult us when they need contractors and specialists, to discuss design and renovation plans, or just to get market updates, or valuation updates. We are honoured that so many of them do so.

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